Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 9: Someone You Love

In the 30 Day Photo Challenge series ...



Kyrie had planned to get all of us to line up in front of the TV, but after playing with the neighbor boy Jubal for a bit, she decided to take a shot of him instead.

I'm going with this shot of Ken because this is the one with the sweetest look/framing to it. But the actual quality of the shot is not that great. This was one of my manual attempts, and "Backlight" mode definitely produced better results than my manuals. (But it's so sweet, I can't resist.) It's difficult to play around with the manual settings to get just the right shot when you have an uncooperative subject who is just as likely to stick his hand in front of the camera as smile nicely. Although, in fairness, I was shanghai-ing him when he has a cold and was trying to juggle soothing Julie and cooking at the same time. So he might have had just a wee, tiny, itsy bitsy bit of an excuse for not standing perfectly still with an angelic look on his face for five hours while I tried out 347 different setting combinations. And he was, actually, quite cooperative, considering.

As for learning anything... backlit mode appears to accomplish what it does by (a) using flash and (b) using a slow-ish shutter speed (1/30 to 1/40 or so). This seems slightly odd to me... wouldn't a longer exposure time means that more light is coming from behind the subject? Yes, more light would be coming from the subject itself, but I would think that if the two were disproportionate, increasing the time would only make it more so. Does the flash always work better with slower shutter speeds? I suppose it makes sense that the longer time allows more of the light from the flash to enter the camera, and this would balance out against the light coming from behind.

I'll have to see if I can remember that next time I'm taking a picture with light coming from behind. Flash + slow shutter.

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