Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 18: Your Shoes

In the 30 Day Photo Challenge series ...



Your big shoes make me look like a Hobbit, mom!

Apparently, the way to make a cute shot of really ugly plain shoes is to repeatedly tell yourself that you don't need to homeschool the kids because you have a cold, and then spend the morning reading Cracked.com instead. When your three-year-old starts tugging on your shirt saying, "Doo-ee your toos, mommy, riwwy, mommy!", do your best to ignore him until he gets too loud, and then turn around and realize that Doo-ee wearing your toos is a lot cuter photo, riwwy [really], than the shoes by themselves, and you have a sworn duty to immediately grab your camera (which is conveniently located right next to you, because the Lord knows walking the entire ten steps to where the camera usually belongs would have been way too much to expect of you when you're in the middle of reading Cracked) and get off a single shot, seconds before she steps out of the shoes to come look at the camera that you've just picked up. This is your sworn duty because you embarked on this 30-Day Photo Challenge in the first place, and God keeps telling you to get off your lazy behind and do things as if you were a professional.*

Kyrie is apparently getting into this "take a lot of pictures to see which one you like best" philosophy. She took 41 pictures of her shoes today. Forty-one. I, by contrast, took 5 initial pictures and then later the unexpected shot of Julie.

Oh, and Savi is daily begging me to let her take photos - and producing some decent results occasionally - which is making me wonder if I should have her do the full 30 Day challenge herself. Her birthday is next month, so if I started Savi on the 25th next week, she could finish on her birthday. (Just like Kyrie is finishing this set on her birthday.) I'm not sure I would want to hijack my blog for another month, though, so I might put Savi's pictures up on twitter or Facebook. Probably twitter. Elijah would probably like to learn how to use the camera, too; he might have to wait for his birthday, which isn't until May.

*Actually, it's more like "as if you were a slave" than "as if you were a professional", but I thought that maybe if I used the word professional instead, that no one would feel the need to reassure me that God doesn't want me to be a downtrodden slave. Don't worry; I'm not in any danger of being downtrodden. I'm only in danger of being lazy and not getting the work done. The slave image is my antidote to this.

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