Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 22: Hands

In the 30 Day Photo Challenge series ...



Hmm. I think what I learned today was that when you have kids who are more interested in squirming than posing for your shots, it is easier to get a decent shot on "auto" mode than to take the time to get the manual settings just right. If it weren't so dim in my apartment, I could just make the shutter speed faster. But as it is, I usually have to have my iso to max, f-stop to lowest, and still have to slow my shutter speed to 1/20th of a second or so, in order to get a decent amount of light. Or else I turn the flash on, and then forget to slow the shutter speed or turn the iso down, so it comes out too bright. And by the time I get that fixed, the kids have wandered off. 

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