Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 13: Yourself with 13 Things

In the 30 Day Photo Challenge series ...



13 toys for Kyrie. 13 books on my reading list. (Although, really, that little yellow book called Radical Optimism is one I've read several times and probably not going to re-read again soon. But it's sort of holding the place for another book that I am going to order.)

Let's see... did I learn anything? I learned that my hair is really frizzy and I don't care for the way I usually look. (Well, ok, I already knew that.) I learned that my reading list is only 13 books, which somehow sounds a lot more manageable than I was imagining it to be. I learned that the red-eye flash doesn't really get rid of red-eye. I learned that when I'm on the short end of sleep, I don't really care enough to arrange everything just perfect for a picture. So there you go.

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