Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 10: Childhood Memory

In the 30 Day Photo Challenge series ...



Kyrie's picture is of the first toy she ever got. (Kris Sackett, if you read this, you're the one who bought it for her!) We call the toy "Ducky Bear". As for my picture, those are my journals. The one on the bottom of the pile started when I was 14, and they go all the way to the pretty one in front that I'm currently writing in. I thought it was an appropriate picture for a "childhood memory", since I recently came to the conclusion that God wanted me to go through and reread them all.

Kyrie took her photo in manual mode, which impressed me. She may be getting the hang of manual mode much faster than I did? I tried (as I have been on most days) a variety of settings - auto mode, portrait mode, various manual settings with and without flash. When I was flipping between settings, the wheel stopped for a moment on the shutter-priority mode, and I felt that little tug which seems to indicate God telling me something. It seemed kind of pointless, but I went ahead and took a picture in shutter-priority mode. And what do you know. When I uploaded all the photos, that is the only photo that came out decently. 

The flash did not treat kindly with the shiny parts of the facing journal. The manual mode pictures also came out overly bright and yellowed; apparently I had the shutter speed too slow for how high the iso was. I'm guessing, but I think that the overly-bright aspect was not apparent from the camera's preview, but was definitely there in the uploaded shots. The lower iso and the slow-but-not-too-slow shutter speed that I got on shutter priority mode ended up being just right.

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  1. Anna, I did read this. Would never have remembered or recognized it but sounds like something I would have done. Thanks for sharing.
    Terrific activity that you and Kyrie are working on and sharing with each other. A couple days ago had a thought that this may be preparing one or both of you for bigger things..... ??? ;-)