Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yogurt Update

Yesterday morning, the second and third batches of yogurt had gotten a little bit thicker, so I put them in the fridge and tried the second batch on my salad for lunch. (I always use yogurt as a salad dressing, because it's the only thing that makes it taste reasonably good to me, by masking the bitter taste of raw vegetables.) It wasn't completely horrible, but it was definitely too milky. I could probably have achieved the same effect by mixing yogurt and milk in equal portions and pouring it over the salad. In fact, that was probably what it amounted to. I think the yogurt strains didn't really grow at all from the starter yogurt into the heated milk, probably because I didn't insulate it well enough to keep it at a temperature that it would grow well at. Hopefully Ken will be able to go grocery shopping tonight. (My van is at the dealership for repairs, so I can't go grocery shopping myself). We drank the last of our milk this morning; when I get more, I will make another attempt, this time trying to insulate it better.

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