Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I was thinking the other day about how my Grandpa, years ago after a trip to Europe, told me that I should travel while I was still young enough to enjoy it. And I was thinking that it looks as if I will never travel, because I will never be able to afford it. And because I will, for the indefinite future, have little kids who need me to take care of them.

Now, mind you, not travelling isn't necessarily a tragedy. I was never one of those people who planned trip after trip to take some day. I have enough "outside my comfort zone" experiences just doing all the things that God pushes me to do here at home.

But then, within a few days of thinking this, I find out that two different gals I know are both taking major trips - one to Europe and one to the Holy Land. And I'm reacting emotionally and wondering if it's all some sort of sign from God that he will be putting a trip in my future, or what? It's not something I usually think about much, and here it just seems to keep coming up. But I don't know.

(It may also be slightly ironic given the issues I am having with the van, that make it hard for me to even get across town to see my friends.)


  1. My sister travels ALL the time because she is single and in possession of ridiculous amounts of disposable income. Yet I've never felt that her trips remotely resemble the trips I would take if I had the time and money, so it dosen't bother me. But just this last month, my husband said something like, "We've just about hit our savings goal so we could start planning a trip if we really wanted to go somewhere," and IMMEDIATELY I was like OOOH OOOOH BARCELONA OOOH EGYPT OOOH So clearly this is something that has been lying dormant beneath my emotional skin for a long time now!

    Perhaps it IS a sign. :)

  2. "lying dormant beneath my emotional skin"... exactly. When my friend said she was going to the Holy Land, I was like "Jerusalem! I want to go see where Jesus lived!" And now the word Jerusalem keeps popping out at me every time I read the Bible. :/ And I just remembered that I just ordered a book from Powell's called To Know Christ Jesus, (because two people recommended the book, which I had never heard of before, within about 24 hours of each other, so I thought God might be giving me a hint that I should read it), and it's supposed to talk a lot about Jesus' Jewish roots, I think.