Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Food Thoughts

Ok, so I kept seeing references to "sweetbreads" that was confusing me, because it was being upheld by people who didn't seem very big on eating breads or sweetened anything. Then I came across something that outright said "no breads were used" and listed "sweetbreads" as one of the foods used. So I googled it, and found out that "sweetbreads" are not remotely like "sweet breads", they are things like the throat and glands of animals. Yeah.I think I'll pass.

I'm reading through the Clara Davis experiment and wondering if there is some way to get ahold of the original Weston Price research. (The Price Foundation conclusions seem a bit... spurious, I guess, but I'd like to see more on the research itself.)

I'm trying to keep in mind, too, that researching healthy food is sort of like the formula/breastfeeding debate. All the evidence says that breastfeeding is better, but thousands, if not millions, of babies have been raised on formula and grown up to be perfectly ok. If you look at some stranger, you're not going to be able to tell "Hey, that person was breastfed!" or "Oh, he must have been raised on formula." In the same way, there may be something to the fact that pastured eggs or raw milk or grass-fed cows or home cooking are more nutritious, but it will be a matter of "statistical significance" rather than some sort of black-and-white "this one gets sick; this one doesn't" sort of thing.

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