Saturday, March 12, 2011

PicVids: Kyrie & Savi's BDay & Miscellaneous

I keep thinking I posted this already, but then I look back and don't see it, so here it is.  This is, as far as I remember, Kyrie's first official self-portrait. She sat on the bathroom sink and looked in the mirror to draw herself. Maybe I'll post Elijah's self-portrait too, because it's pretty hilarious in comparison. 

Yep, that's right. That's Elijah's self-portrait. I hope it made you laugh as much as I did. (And don't worry, I tried very hard not to laugh in Elijah's face. I think I succeeded. Mostly.)


Kyrie's Birthday!

That's right, this was Kyrie's birthday, not Savi's. But she was too busy drawing with her new art toy to pay attention to the fact that the lights were off and people were singing Happy Birthday to her. :)


This is a somewhat random photo of one of the outfits that my brother Caleb got for Julie. (Note: I might start calling her Jules sometimes.)  Other samples that I can remember off the top of my head include "Hi, I'm new here." and "You're old."


The girls were all dressed up in their costumes and decided they wanted to lay near Jules.

Gabe wants the phone.


Yeah, so there was this day back a few weeks ago where all my family and friends in the Midwest were putting up pictures or comments on Facebook about the feet of snow on the ground.  So I took this picture, and wanted to put it up on Facebook and go, "Ha ha. Look, we got snow too!".  But then I was too lazy to do that. :)

Savi's Birthday! 


I love her smile so much.


Julie's first solid food. Or at least her first "official" solid food. I've been tearing off minuscule bites of breads and cakes in the last couple weeks for her to swallow whole. But this is the Yo-baby whole milk organic yogurt that I fed her. 

Video of the first feeding.


I still think this is hilarious.  Hey!  The book says that it's real food, right there on the cover! This was the awesome photo that I referred to in my earlier "food thoughts" post.

Various cute things the kids have done:

(Yes, I know Savi shows her underwear in the first seconds, but try to ignore it. If you lived with us, you would have lots of practice ignoring it because that girl just does not get the concept of modesty. At all.) I love the part where Gabe suddenly just yells right by Elijah's ear, and Elijah doesn't even flinch. Because, you know, that's just what living with Gabe is like. :)

They're doing the "running" thing for the Wii Fit. There's a two-player-race option that they got going. I find them hysterical.

You might not be able to hear it, but Gabe makes these cute "pshew pshew" sounds when he shoots people with the pan.

Julie's first turn on the iPad. Epic moment for her, right? ;)

Jules gives her first kiss! Lucky Dad.

This one is good because Julie laughs (which is actually pretty rare for her; strange because she otherwise seems the most social and smile-y of all my babes); and because Savi looks so adorable in her new outfit, sweetly trying to make Jules laugh.


  1. Beautiful happy children. I love the pics!

  2. It's funny, in 50 years, Savi's kids are going to be looking at old photos of her and they're going to think the 2010's were just like the 1970's. She's still got the hippy shirt! :)