Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So, a day or six ago*, I came across this post by Betty Beguiles called The Value of Image. And then, today, I came across a blog called Empowered Traditionalist. And I'm wondering if God is trying to tell me something again.

If you had to pick one or three steps to make me look better, what would they be?

(For the record, what you cannot see because of the hat and the angle of the camera is that I have hair that is literally long enough for me to sit on. I keep it braided; I usually only let it down long enough to brush it and wash it before braiding it again.)

*I cannot for the life of me figure out how I came across this post. I don't usually read Betty Beguiles, perhaps because I'm too lazy/tired to make any noticeable efforts regarding how I look, and reading about people who do just makes me feel guilty. But I do read some of her stuff when Jen @ Conversion Diary or Simcha @ I Have To Sit Down (both of whom I am currently following) link to her. I thought that had been how I came across this post, but looking back at their blogs, I see no such link to this post specifically, not since the post was written on the 23rd. The mystery of this makes me wonder all the more if God is telling me something.

UPDATE: Pictures of my hair.
(I had Kyrie take these pictures. When I saw the result on the camera, I was like "What is that white streak down my arm? There's nothing on my arm." I had to laugh when I saw that it was Savi, determined to be in the picture somehow.)


  1. I saw that post randomly, too! It was great.

    As to your question, it should really be posed to your husband, as he's the one who knows what features of yours he's most attracted to. Whatever they are, play them up.

    A woman's femininity is unique to each person, but generally someone who takes careful note of their appearance has the following characteristics: 1. hair done (I know you're on the beach in this picture so it's not fair, but think about some pretty clips to hold back your long hair or investing in curlers to give it some body. Is the length for Biblical reasons?)

    2. clothes that follow your figure (I'm not talking skin-hugging spanx, but a woman's shape is very pleasing when the clothes are not hanging off creating a boxy effect.) and

    3. makeup (probably the most important one of all. No need for green eyeshadow and red lipstick, but subtle blush and shading can make you look fresh and happy which is always attractive.)

  2. Ok, so I added some pictures of my hair so you can get a better idea of what my hair usually looks like. Sometimes (often) the frizz is even worse, and those dangly hairs that are below my ears in the beach picture usually show up within a few hours of braiding it.

    I definitely don't keep it long for Biblical reasons. I just have a sort of love-hate relationship with long hair; my inner girliness really wants long hair, but I royally hate taking care of it, especially the brushing. Right now it's super long because I've never actually had it professionally cut in my entire life before, so I'm nervous to go into a salon and keep putting it off. But I don't have people offering to cut it for me anymore, either, so it just grows longer by default. I've been thinking for some months now that I will get around to going to a salon eventually and getting it cut to a length where it is still long, but more manageable. Maybe even where I can wear it down sometimes and not have to spend ten hours brushing it the next day. Although it's hard to leave my hair down without baby fingers grabbing it, or having it get caught on something, or just getting in my face.

    I also pretty much hate wearing make-up. Partly because it tends to leave my skin feeling a little dry, but mostly because I touch my face a lot (blowing my nose because of allergies, rubbing my eyes, scratching an itch, and so on), and that does not go so well with makeup. (And the expense of buying it on a regular basis seems... unjustifiable? guilt-inducing?)

    I suppose I should pray about all my little hang-ups that have kept me from doing all those kinds of things so far, and see what God has to say about them - which ones are just obstacles to be overcome, and which ones have workarounds, or whether this is even God's will to begin with, and whatnot.

  3. I just got my hair cut to my chin. I haven't had it that length since I was about 7. Interesting how some people really like it, and others are just thinking I wacked it off. I prefer long hair, but since I am letting my natural gray color show, I wanted to cut the blonde off. I remember the first time I had my hair professionaly done. I felt special. I also was shocked at the difference it made.When I was younger, I usually put other's needs above my own, and it was almost a sacrifice for me to get something done for myself. Now I think it is important to do little things for myself that make me feel special. For the record Anna, I love your hair. But since it seems to be a hassle, and it has been Never since you have had it cut, I think you would enjoy having your hair trimmed. You could even donate it to an organization that makes wigs for people who have cancer.

  4. Anna, I am with you on the long hair- it's sooo hard to take care of- which is why I have never made it as long as you! Or even close! I keep cutting it- and when it gets long it goes right back into a ponytail and there it stays. (And yes. It gets filled with baby fingers. Even when there is only one baby!)

    Ya know, I don't really like makeup either for those exact reasons. I do, however, make it a point to wear mascara because it highlights my eyes which I feel are a good feature and I essentially have no eyelashes if I don't wear it thanks to the blondeness. So that would keep it off your face, but doesn't help much with eye-rubbing. For the record as far as I can tell from pictures and what I remember whenever we last saw each other, you have nice skin and I don't think makeup would make a huge impact for the annoyance it would cause you.

    Hair and clothes are my favorite (easy) things to change on myself, but I agree with the commenter who said to ask Ken :)

  5. I wasn't really thinking of Ken as being the primary target of this ... more just everyone around me in general. I did ask him, though, and he wouldn't give me an answer. I think he doesn't want to get in trouble, make me feel bad, or whatever.

    However, between the blog and Facebook, "Do something with your hair" does seem to be a general consensus. So I think I will go ahead and do that, whenever I can find time and motivation to.

    And shopping with Brittany for clothes (if I can afford it, after I finally get my van situation sorted out) sounds like fun, so I will probably try to do that too.