Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preparing for Mass

This is a fairly little thing, but it is one among many things that God is doing in my life right now, which is what I'm trying to make this blog about.

I've been wondering lately about ways to engage my kids in the Mass, particularly Elijah1. So much of it goes straight over their heads.

So the Sunday before last, the priest basically said we all ought to prepare for Mass by reading the scripture readings ahead of time; a recommendation that I've heard often enough, and even done before, for some periods in my life. And it suddenly occurred to me that I should read the Scriptures to the kids on Sunday mornings.

So last Sunday, I read the readings to them during breakfast and explained them in ultra-simple terms.

During Mass, when it came time for the first reading, I whispered to Elijah that this was the same reading we had talked about that morning. When the second reading started, he - with a modicum of excitement - said that we had read this one, too! I was pleased. Though I doubt he will show much more reaction in the future, I am hoping that he will absorb something more out of Mass this way2.

1. My parish has been issuing its annual notices that it's time to sign up your kids for First Communion classes. Elijah is old enough to go, but he is so uninterested in the Mass that I decided not to send him this year. Every time I hear about the classes again, I start thinking anew about how to spark some interest in him.

2. If I can keep it up. Which topic probably deserves a post all its own, someday.

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