Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Homeschooling Is So Exciting For Me Right Now: Summary

"[C]hildren learn by example. Most importantly home-school teachers must serve, through their own behavior regarding their own work, as good examples for their students."-[Source]

Here are links to each part of my "Why Homeschooling is So Exciting For Me Right Now" series:

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I picked that quote at the top because with each of these things, I'm doing something myself and the kids are following my example. And it turns out to be an awesome way to teach; being creative makes my life that much richer.

For your enjoyment, I present the following story that Kyrie wrote (her original spelling). She recently got as entranced with the Encyclopedia Brown stories as I was when I was a kid. So when she was resisting writing a story, I  suggested she write an Encyclopedia Brown story. And she did. Ken and I were both very impressed.

A girl came into Encyclopedia's garage and put a coin into the coin holder. Encyclopedia looked up from the book he was reading and said "How can I help you today?" The girl said "My name is Katie and I need you to help find a watch." "OK" said Encyclopedia "let's go find your watch" Katie led him to the place where she lost had it. (Witch was a park.) Encyclopedia asked "Was eneybody here when the watch was stolen?" "Yes, but the boy left all ready. Only me and him where in the park" said Katie "Oh, and the watch was mine. I left it on this bench because I wanted to go on the monkey-bars. Mother gave it to me yesterday. So mother was afraid of it coming loos and fall of and get lost, so she made me take it off before I go on the monkey bars Get it?" "Yes" said Encyclopedia "And what was his name?" "He said his name was Charlie. Oh and I know where he lives. Any more qustion?" "Yes, what does the watch look like?" asked Encyclopedia. Katie said "The strapes are purple and the short hand in the clock part is red, long hand is blue, and that third hand is golden. Is that all you want to know?" "Yes." said Katie who was wanting her watch back more than ever. When they arrived, they found Charlie in the garden (his garden, wich was next to the house). He seemed to be digging a hole and now put somthing purple into it and started to cover it up. "What do you want here?" asked Charlie. Encyclopedia said "We are looking for a watch. Do you mind digging it up and reterning it?"

"How did Encyclopedia know Charlie took the watch?"
(turn to the next page
For the answer.)

[And then Kyrie wrote on the next page...]

Encyclopedia had seen Charlie put the watch into the hole he had just finish digging. Charlie dug up the watch he had just buried and reterend it to Katie.

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