Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say


I told the three older kids that they had to wash dishes one night, and I wanted Savi to rinse. A little bit later, Savi was in my bedroom sobbing inconsolably, saying that the dishes were all rinsed, and that the other two hadn't let her do any of her work. About a half hour later - when I had sent them all back to the kitchen because Kyrie reported that she was still doing dishes - Kyrie came in and said, "Elijah was looking out the window and he said "wow", and it's pretty, so I can use the camera to take a picture?" When I replied that she could, Savi came back in whining that there were only two dishes left, one for Kyrie and one for Elijah, and she still hadn't gotten to do any. So I told her to sneak back in while Kyrie was taking a picture and do one of those dishes. She left, quite happy with this idea.

This was the resulting photo.


Julie was in the kitchen annoying Elijah while he was trying to make his nightly chocolate milk. When no one responded to his requests to get Julie out of the kitchen, he finally said, "Fine, I'll save your life", and carried her out.

If I only could just get a little higher, I would need saving for real.


I just thought y'all would like to know that the Piggies don't like the taste of the grass anymore, and that's why they steal the Angry Bird's eggs (to eat). An early fan save on the part of Elijah?

In this house, babies can play Angry Birds while getting their diaper changed.


Savi: Mom, can I eat this carrot?
Me: Oh, it's lunchtime. Let's have lunch.
-after lunch-
Savi: Mom, can I have this carrot now?
Me: ...... Sure.

We prefer cookies and cake, please.


We discovered this playground less than two blocks from our apartment. There were three girls playing there this one day; two of them were sisters. The kids all got into a game that involved covering your eyes and getting people out.

So, Little Sister was the one who was supposed to cover her eyes, and it turned out that Big Sister won. Other Girl piped up with, "You cheated! You just wanted your sister to win!"

I had to laugh when Little Sister's response was, "Well, she's my sister."

I think this sister wants to be put down.


Savi: "This apple tastes like pear".

Why are you looking at me like that? Savi said it, not me.


Mom: "Elijah, when was Jesus born?"
Elijah: "Umm. Maybe.... 1984?"

That was WAY before I was born, Mom, and video games are so much more interesting.


Savi: "I used to be Grandpa's little angel, but I'm not anymore." 1

I'm Daddy's little angel, though.


I was driving home from my friend's house and Savi informed me (almost tearfully) that she had left her jacket behind; she said that she had dropped it somewhere and she didn't have it now. I decided not to go back for it, since I'd be seeing that friend again soon. Then Savi said, "Oh, I didn't realize I hadn't zipped it up." Turns out, she was wearing the jacket. She just hadn't noticed because, as she said, she hadn't zipped it.

Your jacket hides better than you do, sweetie.

1. She was referring to the "Grandpa's Little Angel" sweatshirt that she used to wear when she was little, but now gets worn by Julie.

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