Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Homeschooling Is So Exciting For Me Right Now, Part 5: Living Books

"[C]hildren learn by example. Most importantly home-school teachers must serve, through their own behavior regarding their own work, as good examples for their students."-[Source]

When I started homeschooling this year, I felt drawn to the Living Books Curriculum. Each week I get - from the library - one of these books for each of the kids to read.

Savi's book this week.

I got so fascinated by the first set of books that I read them too. They were so awesome that I've kept reading these children's books each week.

Kyrie's book this week1.

I've learned more about the Lewis and Clark expedition than I ever knew. I've discovered that Disney's version of Pinocchio is not too far off from the original in overall moral tone, while Disney's The Jungle Book manages to achieve about as opposite of an approach as possible from Kipling's noble book. I've felt sorry for the wife of Daniel Boone and wondered what happened to Elizabeth Crockett after the Alamo. I've admired Johnny Appleseed and admired Nathaniel Bowditch even more. I've wondered if Henry Longfellow has something against faith, but still had to struggle not to cry in front of Kyrie when discussing The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, it was that good.

Elijah's book this week.

It gives me a real appreciation for the term "living book". These books come alive in your hands, grabbing your heart up and taking it to places new and exciting, places you didn't even know were there to be discovered.

This is a book that God made it clear I should read.

And it gives me a better appreciation for my own adult reading, as well. Good quality books offer a richness and depth to my life that is otherwise lacking.

1. The LBC book on Crockett wasn't available from the library, so I substituted this. Some of the substitutions that I've made did not turn out to be particularly impressive books, but I liked this one.

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