Friday, September 30, 2011

PicVids - September 2011

September was a good month for us.

Gabe's Birthday

A slightly blurry, but adorable, shot of the Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy got special treatment on his birthday. I made pancakes for breakfast. He got to play video games as much as he wanted, without having to give up his turn to anyone. His siblings gave him extra attention. Since he often gets the short end of the stick, being just 2 - now 3! - he really appreciated all this. At his birthday dinner, I asked him what the highlight of his last year was. And then, to put it in terms he could understand, I started asking him what his favorite thing was - Sonic? video games? ipad? candy? cake? He finally answered something else, and after I made him repeat it about 15 times, I finally figured out that he was saying his favorite thing was "birthday". Awww!

Oh yeah, and he's not wearing pants because he's potty-training.

And then came the presents.

Naturally, presents trump the overall birthday experience.

Cause presents are AWESOME.

Even when your siblings and friends keep stealing them.

Julie's First Birthday

Julie is blessed to have godparents who have a daughter her age. They are so similar right now, Ken and I kept remarking on it. I think they even kind of fascinated each other, as much as one year olds do.

We all enjoyed the birthday brownie cake that her godmother made. And the cheese log that I made. Ken made something too1.

She's kissing the doll. Not biting the head off. I promise. I think.

This time she is eating it.

1. That's a joke. Ken spent the whole day making dinner. Which was too spicy for me and the kids, but Angela - Julie's godmother - enjoyed it.


This is from last month, when Julie first started taking getting serious about walking.

This was an interesting phenomenon that the kids got VERY excited about.

As you can see, Jules is ready to be one of the big kids, trying to imitate Savi's jumping jacks.

What can I say? Julie is very photogenic at this age.

Is there a word that means the equivalent of photogenic, for the ears? She's, umm... cute on the ears.

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  1. Happy Birthday(s) Gabe and Julie!! Cute PicVids... sounds like a good month indeed!