Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Things Kids Do


Savi walks around behind the chair I'm sitting in, bumping against it several times, and not being quiet at all. Then she calls out, "Mom, where am I?". When I answer, "behind the chair", she says in a wondering tone, "How did you know where I was?".

Bloodthirsty Pirate Jules can find you, too.
Even if you try to hide in the bedroom.


Gabe or Julie had spilled some water on my bedroom floor, and I asked Kyrie to get a towel and clean it up. Kyrie said in reply, "It's your mess, you clean it up."

I laughed at Kyrie instead of reprimanding her, since her tone was not disrespectful. But the kids did get the shaking finger when they kept trying to "help" Gabe unwrap his presents or immediately took the toys out of his hands.
I'm too cool to clean up.


Savi: "I like that [new] toothpaste! The other kind of toothpaste is so kind of not good."

Vampire Bloodthirsty Pirates don't need toothpaste. (Can you see how the outer teeth came in before the inner ones on top?)


While eating the potatoes Ken cooked for breakfast...
Savi: Knock Knock.
Me: Who's there?
Savi: Potato
Me: Potato who?
Savi (in a cute high-pitched voice): "Oh no, a big potato is eating us!"

It's the hot dogs, not the potatoes, that just have a way of defeating Gabe.


Savi, handing me Ken's whiskey glass, said, "Here's Dad's communion cup!"

That's not a communion cup, either, baby girl.


  1. Um, excellent pictures to go along with your quotes. My favorite combination: the communion cup w/ the toilet. :)

  2. Yeah, that picture was priceless. Gabe had just gone potty, and she was watching it all flush down. I had to re-flush the toilet a couple times after I grabbed my camera, to get her to do it again. ;)