Monday, April 4, 2011

Rosary & Kids

My take on the Rosary has usually been that it's not for me. Any sort of rote prayer causes an issue for me, mostly because I get into a mire of trying to "mean" what I say and wondering what constitutes "meaning" something.

One day a couple months ago someone I care about seemed particularly in need of prayer, and I decided to pray the Rosary for them. While I did, for the first time it occurred to me that all of these doubts about "meaning" what I say might be a spiritual attack rather than something coming out of who I am. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed that that was the case.

At the same time, I was bothered by the fact that I wasn't praying in any sort of regular way for the various people in my life whose salvation I'm concerned about. So I started praying the Rosary every day. I do a decade for each person, and I have enough people to last me through a week's worth of rosaries.

One of those days I pray for each of my kids.

A couple days ago, in addition to their regular morning chore of cleaning their bedroom, Elijah and Kyrie spontaneously cleaned the whole living room for me, even clearing off the table. And did a good job of it, to boot.

I'm not saying it will ever happen again, but I thought to myself, "Maybe there's a connection here. Maybe my prayers are bearing fruit."

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