Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gabe came and insistently handed me the iPad box (which has a picture of the iPad on the front of the box).  "Da da da ah-pad", he says.  "There's no ipad in there; Savi has the ipad", I say.  But he doesn't relent; he keeps handing me the box.  So finally I open it up for him and show him that it's empty.

He looks at it searchingly, and then says, "Gone?".  You go, Gabe!  His speaking skills are really blossoming all of a sudden.  And yes, the ipad is gone.  Savi has it, just like I said.


At Kyrie's First Communion class last night, the issue of a "covenant" got brought up, and the teacher asked the kids if they knew what a covenant was.  I was highly amused when two of the boys said that they knew the word from Halo.

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