Monday, January 3, 2011

Homeschooling Oddity

So Savi is doing her math on the iPad today.  (The MathBoard app is awesome.  It's the perfect substitute for the printed sheets of math problems that I was having them do before.  It gives a set of problems, a bit of chalkboard space to work it out if they need to, and after doing a set of problems, you can generate a new set based just on the ones you got wrong, to correct them.  You can set how many problems to do, and the range of numbers you want involved.)  Anyhow, she starts off with the problem 7 + 10. So she counts it up, and then I hear her ask, "Mom, how do you spell seventeen?"  And I think... doh.

She can figure out that 7 + 10 = seventeen, but she doesn't know that seventeen is written with a one and a seven.

Clearly her learning is not in the usual order.  Note to self:  Teach Savi how numbers are written.

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