Friday, January 7, 2011

More Tidbits

Savi, at breakfast, chanting: "Who are the greatest of all?  Mommy and Daddy!"
Elijah responds, also chanting: "Who are the greatest of all?  Jesus and God!"
Savi: "Who are the poopiest of all?"


Gabe's versions of people's names:

Kyrie:  "Tyrwee"
Elijah:  "Yaya"
Savi: "Ahvee"
Gabe: "Deeb"
Julie: "Dulee"
Mom: "MOOMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"  (He never just says Mommy; it's always a loud call for attention.)
Brittany: "Bitnee"
Shane: "zschane" [where 'zsch' is some sort of wet sound that doesn't quite sound like any one letter.]

Oh, and he totally asked for a pen yesterday.  It came out like "Ban? Ban?" And when I showed him I didn't have any (it was quiet time, and we were in his bedroom), he said "Gone?" again.  In the last week or two, his speaking skills have really shot up.


Gabe, running up to me in the bedroom: "Lee!?"
Me: "Lee?"
Gabe: "Nope."


It's hard to look at this and not think it means something: Google Maps: Mass Animal Deaths.  They all seem to be around the beginning of the new year.  So... think God is trying to tell us to repent and change our evil ways, or worse will come, sort of like with Jonah?


  1. If that were the case, wouldn't there be a high concentration of mass deaths in California? :)

    Signs are usually unclear at their first appearance; only the passage of time and thoughtful reflection separates the wheat of authentic signs from the chaff of random coincidences.

  2. If signs were only understandable after-the-fact as it were, then they wouldn't be much use as signs, would they?

    I don't really have any particular reason to think that California is any more sinful than the rest of America. I suspect our biggest problems are pretty endemic to America as a whole.