Thursday, December 30, 2010


My oldest brother got the kids an iPad for Christmas.  He rocks.  Even with just the free apps, there's some great possibilities.  (for instance, Kyrie was reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland via the Kindle app today.)

Google Earth app for the iPad may teach my kids something you can't learn from a map:  the arbitrariness of 'up' and 'down'.

Kyrie told Ken (when he played something on the iPad): "You're playing a game without our permission."  

We sold the (old) minivan today.  Finally.  To the guy who called us 14 times on Dec 26th, when we weren't here.  After the people we sold it to walked out the door, Ken realized he didn't write down their name or anything else.  When he found out that I had written down all the required info for the legally-required seller's notice, he told me, "You are good wife."  I was touched. :) 

Apparently the placebo can work even when people know it's a placebo.  Aren't people funny? 

Some ridiculously funny writing about parenting and stuff:

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