Friday, December 31, 2010

Charging Center

I need a space in my apartment, like a counter top or long thin table, where I can take all the things that we have that need charging - two cell phones, the iPad, the Leapster, the various rechargeable batteries, Ken's shaving things, and maybe one or two of the home phone sets - lay them out in a neat line on the counter, and drape the charging cords down underneath to a couple of power strips.  It would be so much neater than our current haphazard setup.  But there is seriously no space for such a thing in our apartment right now.  Such is life.  Maybe when we get our own house we will be able to do something like that.


  1. I have seen charging stations at Target, Menards and Best buy that are more compact that a long surface space. maybe you could rotate the items to be charged and use less space. Top of a dresser, or even a shelf. under the couch?? on a tray you could pull out easily?? Carla C.

  2. I've cleared out a little bit of space on the lamp by my computer. It doesn't hold all of it, but I think it will help, at least.