Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Tidbits

Apparently, they've been sending me an email for every free ebook that I sent to the Kindle app on the iPad.  My hotmail account has 71 new messages in it.  Although, in fairness, probably close to half of those were messages that I was leaving unread from before.

It would take 9 round trip flights from Portland, OR to Minneapolis before we would earn a free flight via Delta's SkyMiles program.  And that would all have to be before the end of July of 2012.  This is so not going to happen. If I combine all of our miles together (and I'm not sure they even allow that), I could buy (from their catalog) ... a blender.  Or a pink hand mixer.  Umm.  Yeah, that was a waste of time.  But maybe Ken would like the set of steak knives or something.

Today is like a "play with the toys that Caleb got us for Christmas" day.  (The Kinect; the iPad; and the Cataclysm expansion for WoW).  Almost no work is being done.  Ken set the Kinect (for the Xbox) game up and we did some playing with that.  It's actually pretty difficult, because Gabe (and sometimes the other kids too) keep walking in front of the person whose turn it is, and that completely messes up whatever moves you are trying to make, because the sensor thinks Gabe is a part of you or something.  And you have to position yourself at just the right distance from the sensor, which in our living room happens to fall in the two feet between the dinner table and the loveseat/couch.  There's almost no room to maneuver.  The kids tried a couple two-player games, and one player or the other would keep getting messed up because they had to stand so close to each other that they overlapped on the sensor's readings.

Right now the kids are watching Scooby Doo via the Netflix app on the iPad.  And Ken is playing WoW.  And I probably will be shortly, too.

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