Friday, December 10, 2010

Easily Posted Pictures and Video

Julie appears to be my most social baby.
This is the smile that she gives when she looks at someone and is feeling friendly

Ah, Kyrie.  So ridiculously like me, it's... well, ridiculous.
 (Yes, I read while holding the baby too.)

I think one of the kids decided she needed a book, too.
Everyone else has one, right?

Ok, so I think *I* look silly in this picture, with the whole hand-half-to-my-mouth thing, but this is the best of the baptism pictures that actually captures Julie well.  I didn't think ahead sufficiently to, well, explain to my friend taking the pictures how to make the camera focus right.

Turn the volume up on this all the way; it's really about Gabe talking, not about the Julie-visuals.  Gabe just doesn't always cooperate with the whole pointing-the-camera-at-him thing; he's too eager to be on the watching-the-screen side.

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