Friday, June 3, 2011

PicVids - May 2011

I love her smile!


He's SO cute!

Yummy roasting pan!

Pile on dad time!

What better place to sleep than a doorway? 

Gabe was feeling left out of homeschooling time, so he went and grabbed the board and markers and said, oh so eagerly, "dah dah dush?!" [I think he thinks this means "can I do this?" or "what about this?" or some such]. I said yes and helped him get the general idea of tracing. And then I was amazed at how well he did.

Yeah, I was really impressed. Did I mention I was impressed? :)

Julie is totally dancing to the music. She rocks. Literally.

Nothing says "brotherly bonding" like game after game after game after game of high five.

And nothing says sisterly bonding like, umm, crawling over the top of your sister?

They were being extra cute, and then I got the camera out, and suddenly they were only mildly cute. Ah well, mildly cute is still cute.

I laid down with Jules and Savi & the rest came.
Julie fell asleep in the middle of it all.

I was amazed at Julie's ability to sleep through all the chaos going on around her, until she suddenly wasn't anymore.

Father-daughter bonding time, too. I guess we've been having a lot of bonding time lately, eh?

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  1. Those are some cute pics :) I love the ones of them all together. Also, Julie does indeed have an adorable smile.