Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

I should have done this post last Friday, but I was crazy tired b/c Julie's not always letting me get much sleep, so I'm just getting around to it now.

1. Kyrie: "Mom, look, I trapped an ant in this [plastic, Easter] egg. Can I feed the ant?"

Like ants, Jules can sometimes be found in odd corners where she doesn't belong.

2. Savi: "Somehow, things got messy in here." Yes, it's a deep mystery how your toys got spread all over your bedroom floor.
And it's a mystery how Julie got here.

3. Me: "Savi, go look for your dad's other sandal."
Me: "Savi, go stand in the corner until you're ready to look for it."
Savi: "I have to put the ipad away."
*puts the ipad away*
Me: "Look in the kitchen."
*she looks in the kitchen*
Me: "Look under the table and the chairs."
Savi: "Nope, not there."
Me: "Look behind the couch."
Savi: "No, but I did only find one of dad's sandals back there."
Me: "You found one of dad's sandals behind the couch?"
Savi: "Yes."
Me: "That's what you were supposed to be looking for in the first place."

Talk about a "hand in the cookie jar" moment.

4. Me: "Who's in the kitchen? Savi, are you in there?"
Savi, from the kitchen, "No."

Her siblings think she needs to be a hippie. Or they think this is just what headbands are for. 

5. Kyrie, to Elijah: "I'm going with you." [Emphatically adds] "No matter what." Then, without really pausing, "No, I'm going with Savi, so we can talk about what we're going to do."

I have no idea how I managed to catch those exact expressions.

6. On the summer solstice, June 21st, the longest day of the year, round about dinnertime or bedtime Elijah asked me, "Today was a really short day, wasn't it, Mom?"

He decided to pose like this. On his own.

7. Tv commercial: Is the IRS stalking you?
Me: "Ken, is the IRS stalking you?"
Ken: "Yes, it's right outside the window."
a bit more back and forth
Savi then wandered into the kitchen, looking outside and trying to get a glimpse of who was outside that we were talking about.

"Lut Mommy! Lut Mommy!"

8. Gabe's vocabulary has been expanding very noticeably lately, and he's getting more adventurous in what he tries to say. But he still has conversations like this sometimes:

Gabe: "Lut Dahdee."
Ken: "Luh Bobby?"
Gabe: "Lut Dahdee."
Me: "He's saying, 'Look Daddy' ".
Ken: "Look? Look at what?"
Gabe: "Lut Dahdee." [pointing]
Ken: "What is it?"
Me: "I think it's bug."
Ken: "Is it a bug?" [getting up to look]
Gabe: "Yeah."
Ken: "What kind of bug? Is it a spider?"
Gabe: "Yeah."
Me: "Or a fly."
Ken: "Is it a fly?"
Gabe: "Yeah."
Ken: "Is it a spider fly?"
Gabe: "Yeah."
Ken: "Is it a flying spider?"
Gabe: "Yeah."

Not a flying squirrel. A very bold one, though.

9. Yet another conversation:
Savi: "I like those zucchinis."
Ken: "What, you like bikinis?"
Savi: "Yeah. I want some to eat."

Not as yummy as Dad's kind of peanut butter (Jif), but still good. Even Gabe can say "pea buher  poon?"

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  1. This comment is for this one and the other PicVids post. I loved both of them... the captions on the pictures were cracking me up. Your kids are hilarious.