Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Step in the Dirty Diaper

When my kids do things, I often find myself thinking of it as an analogy to how we are all children of God. You know... they whine to me; I whine to God. I love them even when they're dirty and annoying; God loves me even when I'm fat and sloppy and cranky.

So today I was changing Julie's diaper on my bed. When I was done, I shifted her over and laid Gabe down on the bed next to her, so I could change him too. She had a blanket on the other side of her, so she tried to roll over in Gabe's direction. I just barely managed to keep her foot from going straight into his just-opened, quite-poopy diaper.

And I thought, "Hmm, yep."

Sometimes you want something and go after it and God just has to say, Don't do that. And you don't know why, because what's the harm in trying to roll over? But He's really just trying to keep you from putting your foot in a stinky mess.

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