Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Umm... Blog Award.

So I guess I've earned my first blog award? Actually, it is not quite inconceivable that someone else awarded me a blog award before (I'm thinking of you Tienne) and I just didn't do anything about it. I probably wouldn't do anything about this one, too, but I've spent the last five days (a) being sick with a cold, (b) pouring over the blog Like Mother Like Daughter and being inspired to attempt to clean my house1, and (c) pouring over homeschool curriculum2.

So, basically, I'm taking the lazy way out and just posting this award that I got:

I got this from my cousin Lisa. Yeah, so, umm, I guess I'm also supposed to nominate some other blogs and let them know that and whatnot, but I'm just going to have to be a spoilsport and not do that. Almost everyone on my blog-reading list either (a) has more than 100 subscribers or (b) hasn't posted in months or years. So tough luck on that.

But, thanks Lisa. Due to your kind award, I got to, like, not put any effort into writing today. ;)

1. I spent a little over an hour yesterday cleaning my living room. I never got past the five or so square feet behind the couch. And I still need to go back, hopefully today, to do some more in that same section. Pitiful, isn't it? But I am so inspired by the idea of even that little section being really clean. If it takes me a whole week's worth of an-hour-a-day cleaning to finish the living room, I think it will have been worth it.

2. If you have never done this, you probably have no idea how difficult it is to settle on something. I totally thought I had, and then Ken asked to see what I had selected - which totally delighted me to have him involved - and he noticed several things that I hadn't, which made me decide to go through the work of comparing some more curriculum. So I've got four browser tabs going with different curricula, and I go through and compare them subject by subject, making notes for myself in Evernote. They're all so complicated, and it's hard to get a thorough feel for what I'd be buying without holding the books in my hands. I need something like the MACHE conference that Dad used to tape, only out here in Oregon. And at a price that would make it worthwhile for me.

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