Friday, August 12, 2011

Marathon Running

I discovered some months ago that one of my cousins had a blog. I checked out the link, figuring it was probably full of the random personal thoughts that most people put on their blogs. Instead, I found a post about how to run two big races on back-to-back weekends1.

I thought she was insane I mean, she was on a different wavelength than I was.

I haven't been able to get that image out of my head ever since, though. I'm obviously overweight and out of shape, but I'm pretty healthy all-around, and I tend to think of myself as reasonably strong. But two races in a row? Can people even DO that? It made me realize that, even if my cousin's standards are on the high side, that maybe my standards are on the definitely-too-low side.

Insert the last two weekends.

Let me skip all the long whiny details and just say that on the first weekend, I packed the five kids into the van2 and drove up to Seattle for a family reunion. The following weekend we all went camping on the coast for Brittany's wedding. (A highly successful, and very hippie3 affair.) In between these two weekends, I thought to myself, "Gee, this is a lot like running two marathons in a row."4

That's not the only time that running has come up lately. My other cousin blogged about her adventures with running. Jen @CD blogged about running(take #2). Every time I try to do a Wii Fit workout5, I think about how my only real successful6 attempt at establishing an exercise routine was when I started walking on a treadmill and eventually found myself running and liking it. And my new friend from Spanish class brought up the Race for the Cure.

I think I've even dreamed about running.

The only problem is, I have no idea how to make this happen. I don't think even a collapsible treadmill would fit into our tiny crowded apartment. I don't think I can afford a gym membership, and even if I could, the hassle of babysitting and driving and whatnot means it probably wouldn't happen very often. There's no time that would be convenient for me to go walking/running around our neighborhood without the kids, and with them, I can't even maintain a brisk walk, much less a run.

So I guess I will put it in God's hands... it's up to him to make this possible, since he has put the desire in my heart.

1. I think this was the post about runing two races.

2. Remember all those bags of clothes that I decluttered, and then got in the way of looking for Tire Jack? I still haven't found someplace to donate them to, so I had to carry them all back inside and pile them up in my bedroom, so that I could fit all our bags and stuff into the van. Just so you have *some* whiny details. Also, Kyrie threw up within a half hour of leaving for Seattle, and Savi got carsick on the way back down. So there.

3. It was a beach wedding. The day was windy, so everyone's hair was blowing around. Someone pointed out that all the bridesmaids had long hair, and all the groomsmen had hair just as long.

4. If you don't think taking five kids out of town sounds like as much work as running a race, you probably haven't done it before. This is also why I haven't posted in awhile, although I suspect no one noticed.

5. Which should be 5x/week, but is more like once every two weeks.

6. I call it successful because I did it 5 days a week for about 5 months. Then it died an abrupt death with the simultaneous onset of a Minnesota summer and another pregnancy. I just couldn't stand to wear shoes in the heat and didn't think I should be trying to run without them. Although I might reconsider that thinking in light of Jen's comments about the Born to Run book.


  1. Way to go. I had to think about running for like 3 months before I even attempted to try it. And you know how I feel about it- BLAH. I have no real suggestions about how to make this happen unless maybe Ken can watch the kids in the evenings when he's home? I mean that would work while it's still light late... so for like two or three more months :)

    Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that I am the other cousin who blogged about adventures in running that you linked to. I mean I could be wrong about that, we do have a lot of cousins, but if not, I think you should probably tell me whose blog it is. Anyway, assuming that IS me, I tried to click on the link to see, and it wouldn't let me- even if I am logged into my blogging account- it says I do not have access to that page. So if I do not have access to my own blog, that is just funny.

  2. Umm. Yeah. So, I *meant* to link to your blog. Apparently what I *actually* linked to was something that opens up a page for me to write a new post on my blog. Which is why you didn't have access to it, obviously. :) I think I fixed that link now.

    And it may yet be another 3 months or quite a bit more before I get around to any actual walking or running. Ken complains when he has to watch the kids for too many evenings, and he's already doing two or more a week, so having him watch the kids for an evening run is just highly unlikely at this point. Plus, I suspect he would be concerned for my safety if I went out in the evening, even if it was still light.


    this seems to work out really well for some people.

    i have missed reading your blog. but unable to get any posting done on mine as well.

  4. Have you tried that running workout yourself?