Saturday, August 27, 2011

Funny Things Kids Do


Elijah: "Julie, how about instead of eating that pen [as he takes it away from her], you eat this graham cracker [as he hands it to her]?"

This is not revenge on Julie's part. Really.


At the library:
Me, to Elijah: "I think you would like this Hardy Boys book."
Elijah, looking at how thick it is: "No thanks."
Me: "It's about two boys having adventures and stuff, and having to find the bad guys."
Elijah: "Ok, let's get it."

Getting Elijah to read a book is almost as difficult as shoring up this dam's leak.


Savi: "Look Mom, the ipad put red dots under my name."
Me: "Yes, that's because it doesn't know your name is a real word and it thinks you misspelled it. Here, let me see if I can fix that."
Savi: "No, I like it like that."

Someone at the reunion taught Savi some poses... or tried to?


Savi: "Mom, can I have just one more beer?"
[She meant root beer.]

Who doesn't like beer? I mean, besides me and half my family?


One morning I told Gabe to go get some clothes to put on. He came back holding up pajama bottoms in one hand, and a pillowcase in the other.

He may have learned the futility of chasing birds this day. Or he might not have.


Savi: "Mom, can I have some coffee?"
["I mean tea."]

Savi wanted tea because Kyrie had some; Kyrie wanted to pose because Savi did. I want to call this a "stork pose". Clearly it's a classic that should be added to the repertoire of all professional models.

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