Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

1. I was reading the Easter story to the kids on Easter Friday. I think it was because of the angels in the story that one of the kids brought up fairies. Elijah asked me right out if fairies were real. Thinking of the fairy books they've been getting from the library, I said, "No. Fairies are just for pretend."

Elijah responded by asking, "Then who puts the money under Kyrie's pillow?"

Erk! I was not thinking of the Tooth Fairy. And Elijah hasn't even lost his first tooth yet. (I'm not quite sure how he took my response, which was to guffaw with laughter and then try vainly to shove the cat back in the bag with some sort of hypothetical question like, "I don't know; maybe they exist after all?")

I'm putting up random pictures. This is me dressed up for my anniversary night out, with the kids hamming it up.

2. Kyrie got these scapulars from her First Communion class. Savi comes into my bedroom Fri morning (5/6) wearing the green scapular on a chain around her neck. She says, in a near-tearful tone of voice, "Kyrie gave me this so it can heal my toe which did get hurt and was bleeding."

Savi, with Gabe peeking in on the left.

3. I sent Elijah and Savi to stand in various corners b/c they were squabbling. Apparently Gabe was feeling left out, b/c he went to a corner, looked at me and said, "toenah?"["corner?"]. When I said, "You can be in the corner if you want to", he smiled and turned around to face the corner.

Gabe tried to apply lotion to himself.

4. To set the scene for this, let me point out that the available floorspace in our bathroom is maybe 3 by 4 feet. And half of that was taken up with laundry piles. So I'm getting dressed after a shower, and Savi comes in and says, "By the way, mom, did you even notice that Julie is in here?". No, no I did not notice the large 7 month old baby that I've been trying not to trip over for the last five minutes.

She's like a cat. You're standing by the table and all of a sudden something brushes against your leg. Really made me jump  one of the times that she did that.

5. Elijah, with Kyrie's help, was trying to make himself some chocolate milk in the kitchen. When he pulled out the chocolate syrup, he said, "It even smells like chocolate!" Um. What did you expect chocolate syrup to smell like?

6. Kyrie: "I read where you wrote "men are not angels". Me: "I did write that." Kyrie: "So that means angels are women or girls."

The kids' room got mold, so they spent a couple nights sleeping on the floor of my room while I dealt with it.

7. Gabe brought me a little Lego guy whose bottom half he could not get to fit into the top half. "Dah doopih" he said. It took me only a moment to figure out that he meant, "That's stupid." I was torn between angst over the other kids using the word, and amusement over Gabe using it for the first time.

8. I was looking at the massive volume of granola that I made, and I wondered aloud, "Where am I going to store all this granola?". Elijah promptly grinned and said, "In my mouth!".

Gabe really likes Julie. He INSISTED on feeding her.