Friday, December 30, 2011

PicVids - Nov/Dec 2011, Part 2

You have no idea how amused I am by the fact that I found, not just all three on the same bunk, but Gabe sleeping ON Kyrie.
Umm.. right. So "Nov/Dec" includes Oct 31st, i.e. Halloween.  She's adorable, yes? Ignore the not-so-clean floor in the background. If I owned Photoshop and knew how to use it, I might be able to fix that. I don't and I don't, so you'll just have to deal. For now.
Savi really does have a costume on. There are wings on her back, I believe. Gabe actually has TWO costumes on... his batman pajamas underneath his pirate top. Go figure.
Classic Elijah pose.

Three visible pages, two workbooks... that's right, Kyrie and Elijah are both working on their workbooks so close to each other that hers is layered on top of his. I thought it was adorable, so I took a photo instead of telling them to go do their work at the table like rational people.

This wigged-out face makes me laugh every time...

... especially since it's immediately followed by this "I can't hold still anymore, Mom" shot...
... and then by this "You're so FUNNY, Mom!" shot ...

The Cobra Hand of Death is ready to strike the book in retaliation for its evil ways. Like not turning its own pages. Or something.

Gabe isn't writing on anything. He just wanted to be in the picture.

My head may explode from the cuteness of this shot. Baby on the left is Julie's friend Evelyn.

See, I would have used this shot, but again I must bemoan my lack of Photoshop skills and Photoshop owning, to get rid of that bruise on Julie's cheek. Photoshop can do that kind of thing, right?

The Twins (Kyrie's best friends) gave her this pair of glass-less play glasses.  Which may have been a bit of prep, as it were, because it has become very clear that she is in need of real glasses, pronto. And by "pronto", I mean, "whenever I get around to calling the ophthalmologist and scheduling a visit", which I resolved to do "after the holidays". So it might be a bit before a set of glasses actually makes it to her. Hopefully the real glasses will last longer than these plastic frames, which are already broken.

I put this one up on the "About Me" page - and that last one with Kyrie in the glasses, too - but they will probably be replaced whenever I get a better one. But I love his little smile here.

Have I mentioned how much Julie likes writing in things? Books, other people's notepads, books... 

Ah, the funny positions she will read in.

The REALLY funny positions she will decide to read in. AHAHAHA.

Even Julie joined in with Movie Time.

I had a brain fart, apparently, or else this photo would have made it into the "Christmas video" down below.

So would this one have. She LOVES toy phones, and this one was her favorite present, as far as I can tell.

One more little treat... 

I had previously ignored this little program on my Mac called "iMovie". For some unfathomable-to-me reason, I opened it up recently and tried to figure out how it worked. Without much success, I might add. I sort of vaguely picked up on the idea that you could use it to edit videos or something, but that was about it. 

But then I put up all those videos of Julie in my last post and belatedly thought to myself that they would have made a good montage.

And then I was sitting here looking at a bunch of photos and videos from Christmas, most of which did not seem worth putting up on my blog. You know the kind... there's maybe 4 seconds of cuteness in a 50-second video that otherwise has background crying or something. And I thought to myself... "Hey! I'll try out this iMovie thing for making a Christmas montage." I will definitely be keeping this option in mind for future videos. Maybe instead of doing photobooks for my kids' godparents (as I was thinking of doing), I should just mail them a disk with a video montage on it.

Behold the results:

Seriously, let me know what you think of how I did the montage. I would definitely appreciate feedback on this.


  1. Looks like a lot of work, but I really liked the pic, then the video sequence. Longer video would be nice, but loved what you presented.

  2. It was maybe a couple hours work for that two minutes. It was a lot easier to figure out how iMovie works once I had some idea of what I might like to do with it. Now that I kind of have the hang of what the program can do, I think future editing will be a slightly faster process. Although, really, the hardest part will always still be just making decisions about what to include and what not to include and details like that, so it will probably always be time-consuming. But fun! :) My husband said the same thing... he liked the video clip, but wanted more of it.

  3. Loved it Anna. Great work!! Bunny

  4. I am very impressed and love the montage. The videos in the last one were good too but I like the streamlinedness in the montage. One day whe n we have a new computer I will keep I movie in mind :) also loved the upside down reading was the book upside down too?

  5. Yes, the book was upside down, making it "rightside up" from her perspective.