Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PicVids - Nov/Dec 2011, Part 1

Since I never got around to posting PicVids for November, I have a lot of them, so I'll be breaking them up into several posts. Here are the videos.

My brother Greg and his girlfriend Lydia have moved to Oregon, which I'm super happy about. This is him reading to the kids. Sometimes I think his sense of humor most takes after my dad.

A cute shot of Savi making Julie laugh.

One-year-olds. What can I say?

A vacuum that's so easy a one-year-old can do it... SwivelSwifferJet should totally pay me to use this video in a commercial... after photoshopping the stains out of the carpet, of course.

There's a website somewhere called "Cute Things Falling Asleep". This would make a good submission, except she got up and ran around for another couple hours after this without ever actually falling all the way asleep. 

Such cuteness. I could almost apologize that all my videos seem to be of Julie, but there you go. She's 1. It's an excessively cute time of her life.

Ooh, here's one that's not of Jules. This is a song that Savi made up about Christmas and sang to me. I was highly amused by how often she mentioned "snow", considering that we haven't had any. 

Dance, dance, wherever you may be.

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