Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things Kids Say


Gabe hit Savi. Savi tearfully says, "Gabe, when you hurt people, you even hurt God."

We are Mad Scientists!


Savi and Gabe were playing with the plastic teapot. Savi tearfully said, "Gabe won't let me drink any tea." I then wondered how to explain that since there wasn't any tea, he couldn't stop her from drinking it.

Mom is too busy taking pictures to stop me from getting into Dad's water!


Savi: "Mom, there's a moth in our bedroom."
Me: "Ok."
... she runs back a little later...
Savi: "Mom, now we think it's an insect, because it has six legs and flies."

What has two legs, one foot, and jumps?


Elijah: "This is a joke. Why did the piggy cross the road?"
Me: "I don't know, why?"
Elijah: "To build a house so they can be safe from the Angry Birds."

This is not an Angry Bird.


We live in a small two-bedroom apartment in a complex that is all first-floor apartments. We've been praying that we'll be able to buy a house, and recently Elijah asked me when we would get one. I said I didn't know and asked him what he would like about a new house, thinking maybe he wanted not to have to share his room with his sisters as well as his brother. His reply: "Umm, stairs."

It's like Where's Waldo, with kids. Can you find all four of them?1

1. I would also like to point out, for the record, that this picture was taken at some ridiculous hour like 1am. And it may not be obvious from this photo, but Gabe is WIDE awake. 


  1. Haha, i could totally see Gabe awake in there. i love to read these 'things kids say' post. i enjoy the others too, but these are my favorite.

  2. Oh I love the angry birds comment. My Ella is obsessed with that game! Where's Waldo was also a fav:) Could only find three...help me out!

  3. So Savi is the one conked out on the floor right in the front there. And Gabe's the one on the lower bunk of the bed, with his foot on the wall. You're probably missing either Elijah - who is curled up in a painful position on the rocking chair in the far corner, or Kyrie, who is actually lying on the big blue air mattress, but she's buried underneath the pink blanket so all you can see is a wedge of brown hair and her purple-with-splotches pajama sleeve.

  4. Um, this was awesome. I am particularly entertained by the picture selections and captions. Nice work :) See you this weekend!

  5. Yeah, so it turns out we'll be staying at your mom's place, in case you didn't hear. I would say see you Friday, but I hear you're getting in late, and I may be asleep by then. So see you Saturday morning. :)